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EBT Overview

When the emotional brain is out of balance, we naturally develop problems with mood, relationships, behavior and health.

EBT focuses on the root cause: stress in the emotional brain. Instead of forcing yourself to change your behavior, you use a unique, proven method to ease stress in your emotional brain. Mood, relationships, behavior and health naturally improve.

EBT will give you tangible ways to create balance in your emotional brain so that your brain's emotional set point begins to improve.

Begin by learning the basic tools to change your emotional brain so that you naturally process stress in a highly effective way.

Once you have improved the way you process the daily stresses of life, then the 6 EBT Kits will guide you to creating lasting change, all because you have create balance in your emotional brain.


The way we respond to life is encoded in our wiring, and triggered in time that is measured in 10,000ths of a second. You can learn how to identify a wire and change it.

Stress Science

Axiomatic physiology is based on the brain responding to stress by changing the brain state or dominant brain area. You can learn how to identify and change your brain state.

History of EBT

More than 30 years ago, we began to develop a method based on addressing the root cause of overweight as part of a faculty team at the University of California, San Francisco.

The EBT Team

The EBT Team is a cross-disciplinary group of professionals from neuroscientists to physicians to mental health professionals, all dedicated to improving the world's health.

EBT Groups

EBT Groups provide a powerful, even magical experience Led by Certified EBT Providers, they provide a great sense of community and support.

EBT Coaching

EBT coaching is for those interested in one on one support from an EBT Provider.

EBT e-Learning

For those interested in learning the tools at their own pace, EBT has a video based e-learning platform.

EBT Retreats

EBT holds both National Retreats and Local Retreats that provide those interested in EBT a special experience in learning the skills.